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POM - Polyoxymethylene

Also known as polyacetal, it is highly preferred in automotive industry. One of the primary reasons for preferring POMs is that it is light and shaped as desired easily. It replaces materials such as iron, aluminium and zinc. It is also resistant to fuels that contain methanol. Since its coefficient of friction is very low, it is commonly preferred for manufacturing products such as gearwheels and disks. Another industry where it is majorly used is the electricity and electronics industry. Its insulating characteristics, load carrying capacity, ability to maintain its size and form, lubricating are the reason for preference.

Primary Area of Usage
  • Door latch, safety belt buckle, fuel reservoir in the automotive industry
  • Zip fasteners in textile industry
  • Gearwheels and mechanisms in electricity and electronics
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Cosmetics

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